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cleaning up my life, mind you don’t get swept under the rug again…
― onlyhavepersonality
1:48 am  •  15 August 2014
{ Basic Codes }


BOLD: <b>text</b>

ITALIC: <i>text</i>

UNDERLINE: <u>text</u>

STRIKETHROUGH: <strike>text</strike>

LINK: <a href=”URL”>text</a>

PHOTO: <img src=”URL”>

PHOTO LINK: <a href=”URL”><img src=”URL”></a>

CENTER: <center>text</center>

LEFT: <div style=”text-align: left;”>text</div>

RIGHT: <div style=”text-align: right;”>text</div>


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just so i dont have to look for this again ;D thanks

8:30 pm  •  20 August 2013  •  60 notes

one of those days..

4:24 pm  •  27 July 2013  •  66 notes